KB/6, KB/9 and KB/12

KB FIBER OPTIC SHEET BREAK DETECTION SYSTEM is designed to monitor sheet breaks in harsh environments; it is proven with hundreds of installations around the world. The non-contact sensor is placed above or under the web to be monitored. Thanks to the air purged system, the sensor head, keeping the sensor head free from dirt, steam or high temperatures, KB is suitable for installations in harsh environments or where the space is limited. In addition to open-draw applications, the breaks can be detected against felt, wire, or even against a cylinder.

KB has both, RGB or infrared light sources to perform superiorly with all paper and board grades and applications regardless of color. The RGB color measurement can handle all sheet, wire and felt colors providing reliable break detection.

The fiber optic cable is located inside the straight stainless steel sensor head (which is 1.5m long). Between the sensor head and the display unit the fiber optic cable is located inside the stainless steel flexible conduit. Purge air is lead through the conduit to keep the sensor head windows open.

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