RYDLYME The Bio-Degradable Descaler

The world’s leading biodegradable descaler.  RYDLYME is the trade name of a scientifically formulated descaler.  The solution to your water scale problems.  Only RYDLYME performs so safely, simply, rapidly and economically!

RYDLYME is effective!  It dissolves approximately 2 lbs of lime per gallon.  RYDLYME is non-hazardous!  It does not fall under any of the seven federally designated classes of hazardous waste.  RYDLYME is Biodegradable.  It has a biochemical oxygen demand of 16 mg/l and can be disposed of through normal plant sewers. RYDLYME is safe.  It can be held in the open hand without injury.  RYDLYME is economical.  RYDLYME is Approved.  NSF/ANSI 60, NSF, US.S Navy and many others.  RYDLYME is the SOLUTION!

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